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New Generation Computer-Aided Design Tools: Two Related Research Projects Investigating the Future Expectations of Designers

Sener, B.; Vergeest, J. S. M.; Akar, E. // 2002
The aim of this paper is to add to the debate through the findings of two discrete ongoing research projects, carried out in the Netherlands and in England, following these common aims: to explore ...

Overview of the Initiatives on the Development of Designer's Toolkits

Vroom, R. W.; van Haarlem, L. F.; Ootes, F. P. A. // 2002
We investigated the initiatives on the development of designer’s toolkits by a literature search. To categorize the tools for the different design phases we use a design model. Also an historical ...

Participative Laboratories for the Co-Production of Public Space: Redefinition of Social Meaning

Michialino, P.; Cowdroy, R. // 2002
This paper provides an outline of a study of the development of new strategies for an integrated process for the design of public space using participative laboratories. The laboratories involved ...

Physual Designing - Approaching Design through the Interaction Space

Kristensen, K.; Hildre, H. P.; Sivertsen, O. I.; Fyhn, H.; Storler, K. // 2002
Engineering designers utilize and depend on both their physical surroundings and different technology-based generic and engineering-specific tools, in order to be effective. Hence, they “orchestrate” ...

Product Modelling in Early Phases of the Design Process

Korpela, T. // 2002
Product modelling help the designer to communicate about the design problem with his/her colleagues. Models help also the designer to understand entirely the problem to be solved. Aims of the ...

Real Experiences of Virtual Worlds

Ucelli, G.; Conti, G.; Petric, J.; Maver, T. W. // 2002
The JCAD-VR framework is implemented to anticipate the use of VR within the creation phase of the design process. It creates simple parametric 3D-shapes directly in a co-edit VR environment, thus ...

Representation of an Architectural Design Process; Between Formal and Functional

Leclercq, P. P.; Locus, M. E. // 2002
This article describes one of the research studies carried out by LEMA, the Laboratory for the Study of Architectural Methodology, on the representation of the design process in architectural design. ...

Strategic Design: a Design Method to Manage the Design Framework

Taura, T.; Shiose, T.; Awaji, M. // 2002
In engineering design, it is thought that the designer repeats two steps: to establish the problem framework for generating the design solution and to search for and generate design solutions within ...

Structured Reflection for Improving Design Processes

Reymen, I. M. M. J.; Hammer, D. K. // 2002
Continuous improvement of design processes is a necessity. Our objective is to stimulate designers to improve their own process by reflecting on their design process. Reflection has already proven to ...

Surface Design in Virtual Reality as Industrial Application

Fiorentino, M.; de Amicis, R.; Stork, A.; Monno, G. // 2002
The authors present SpaceDesign, a computer-aided styling application addressed to the early stages of the design process. Virtual Reality devices are used for expressing first design ideas in an ...

Task Design and Task Analysis for Empirical Studies into Design Activity

Bender, B.; Kammerer, U.; Pietzcker, F.; Blessing, L. T. M.; Hacker, W. // 2002
In many laboratory studies, design activity has been investigated by observing individual designers or design teams dealing with standardised design tasks. The results are valuable for a better ...

Terms and Measures for Styling Properties

Podehl, G. // 2002
The integration of styling work into the overall product development process is still not sufficiently achieved. Engineering and styling use different concepts and terminologies. Both areas are ...

The Importance of Corporate Culture in Collaborative Product Design

Marxt, C. // 2002
Due to the increasing complexity of technologies and products, the search for new know-how as well as the shortening of development cycle times a lot of companies collaborate in (new) product design. ...

The Influences of Organisation on Leadership in the Design Process: Results of an Investigation in Five Industrial Companies

Lüdcke, R.; Birkhofer, H. // 2002
The concept of leadership is closely bonded with the concept of organization: one defines and influences the other. The consequences and situations in which these problems arise are shown in this ...

Using of 3-D Parametrical Blocking Contours for Optimizing External Cylindrical Gear Drives on a "Geometrical Level"

Nenov, P.; Anguelova, A.; Kaloyanov, B. // 2002
Always when the operating gear center distance is not specified, the modern design process of a gear drive with optimal parameters could start by creating a 3-D model of it parametrical blocking ...

Vehicle Dynamics Simulation, Part 1: Mathematical Model

Ciglarič, Iztok; Prebil, Ivan // 2002
The field of computational dynamic is surveyed, focusing on issues relevant to develop complex and numerical efficient mathematical models. Considering the topic of mathematical model, today various ...


Duffy, A. H. B.; Legler, S. // 1998
Reuse is endemic in the design process. Companies recognise the concept of reuse, but few have structures for managing and taking advantage of reuse. Correspondingly, little work has been done to ...


Tiihonen, Juha; Lehtonen, Timo; Soininen, Timo; Puikkinen, Antti; Sulonen, Reijo; Riitahuhta, Asko // 1998
This paper presents a method for managing and modelling a product family as a configurable product. The method enables efficient management of a large number of product variants. The modeling is ...


McKay, Alison; de Pennington, Alan // 1998
If companies are to gain advantage from adopting STEP (STandard for the Exchange of Product model data [ISO303]) then the gap between the application context of an Application Protocol (AP) and the ...


Pulkkinen, Antti; Vainio-Mattila, Markus; Riitahuhta, Asko // 1997
Piping project is an uncertainty factor in power plant project. The current methods used in estimating costs in tendering phase are unreliable. The methods used for­modelling piping engineering are ...


Wartzack, Sandro // 1997
Time reduction of the product development process, because of growing competitive pressure, has an increased importance today. This paper presents a strategy how to shorten the process chain by ...


Tichem, Marcel // 1997
This contribution provides a summary of a number of talks with Dutch companies on product structuring. Some of the issues are: the close interrelationship between the design interpretation of product ...


Ranta, Mervi; Mäntylä, Martti // 1997
This paper discusses the requirements on product model presentations that are suitable for reuse. The aim is to define promising directions for future research by recognizing how the characteristics ...

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