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The Study of Cognitive Differences between Designers and Users based on Schema Theory

Guo, Su (1,2); Fan, Shengxi (1); Meng, Yichen (2) // 2023
This study is grounded upon the cognitive process and knowledge representation, analyzes the differences in perceptions between designers and users by applying schema theory. Per design process, we ...

Toward a Framework for Sustainable Experience Design Education and an Illustrative Case of a Service Design Thinking Course

Kim, Yong Se; Kamal, Rida // 2023
In sustainable experience design education, experience activities of consumers and users, design activities of student designers, and education activities of instructors should be addressed. It would ...

Towards a better understanding of the influence of visual references on consumer aesthetic perception

Asuzu, Chukwuma M; Olechowski, Alison // 2023
When viewing a product for the first time, a consumer’s aesthetic perception is based on their knowledge of other products, artefacts, and concepts. These mental images function as visual references ...

Towards remote control of manufacturing machines through robot vision sensors

Halawi Ghoson, Nourhan (1); Hakam, Nisar (1); Shakeri, Zohreh (1); Meyrueis, Vincent (1); Loubère, Stéphane (2); Benfriha, Khaled (1) // 2023
The remote management of equipment is part of the functionalities granted by the design principles of Industry 4.0. However, some critical operations are managed by operators, machine setup and ...

Turbomachinery Design: Checking Artificial Neural Networks Suitability for Design Automation

Batini, Niccolo' (1,2); Becattini, Niccolo (1); Cascini, Gaetano (1) // 2023
This paper explores the suitability of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) as an enabler of Design Automation in the turbomachinery industry. Specifically, the paper provides 1) a preliminary ...

Understanding the challenges around design activities that incorporate behavioral data.

Gomez Ortega, Alejandra; Bourgeois, Jacky; Kortuem, Gerd // 2023
Recently, methods and approaches such as Participatory Data Analysis, Data-Enabled Design, and Contextual Inquiry have highlighted how design activities can benefit from behavioral data. This data ...

Usage and acceptance of management tools in project-based learning environments

Rößler, Lisa; Gericke, Kilian // 2023
This paper aims to identify the reasons for neglecting and the motivations for using management tools among three groups of students participating in a project that was carried out and followed over ...

Using design methods to explore the context of complex behavioral design problems in the early stages of behavioural design

Falcão Duarte, Carolina; Daalhuizen, Jaap // 2023
Behavioural design has been gaining momentum to address critical societal challenges such as elderly care. At the same time, it struggles to deal with complex challenges and integrate multiple ...


Siena, Francesco Luke; Naik, Kevin; Watts, Paul // 2023
The demand for enhanced technical competencies in graduates of product design and design engineering courses continues to grow year on year, with industry now requiring students to not only have an ...

“We always think it's never going to happen to us”: Understanding What Motivates Communities to Engage in Emergency Preparedness

Maher, Tera; Toh, Christine // 2023
Community-based disaster risk reduction is an effective approach for emergency management to address the needs of communities. This approach focuses on identifying the community-specific needs and ...

A Modelling Method for Describing and Facilitating the Reuse of SysML Models during Design Process

Atif Mahboob, Stephan Husung // 2022
MBSE and SysML are increasingly finding their applications in industry as well as in academia. The reuse of the information described in SysML models depends, among others, on the modelling methods, ...

A Process Modelling Morphology to Support Process Analysis and Development in Change Processes

Theresa Ammersd // 2022
Process modelling (PM) is used to support designers by providing guidance on what needs to be done. Change processes in development organizations accompany introduction of new procedures, new methods ...

Additive Manufacturing Conformity – A Practical View

Gregory-Jamie T // 2022
With the dissemination of additive manufacturing (AM), numerous methods have emerged to support the design process. One possibility is to improve functional solutions through AM-conformal design. ...


Figoli, Fabio Antonio; Rampino, Lucia; Mattioli, Francesca // 2022

An Attempt to Grasp Resonance during Co-Creation with Biosignal Indicators

Akane Matsumae, Keisuke Shoji, Yuki Motomura // 2022
Resonance is known as an important phenomenon where individual creative moments resonate with each other during co-creation. The purpose of this study is to capture this co-creative moment as a ...

Atypical Use Scenarios as Design Intervention in Healthcare Product Design Application

Kamya Nagarajan, Georgios Koronis, Karupppasamy Subburaj, Arlindo Silva // 2022
User experiences of atypical conditions leading to adverse events have the potential to discover latent user needs and improve usability in design outcomes. This study introduces atypical scenarios ...

Autofix – Automated Design of Fixtures

Sanjay Nambiar (1), Albin Parappilly Albert (1), Veeravenkatamanikanta Virupaksh Raja Chowdary Rimmalapudi (1), Vinayak Acharya (1), Mehdi Tarkian (1), Henrik Kihlman (2) // 2022
This paper presents a framework to develop the automated design of fixtures using the combination of design automation (DA), multidisciplinary optimization and robotic simulation. MDO necessitates ...


Urquhart, Lewis; Petrakis, Konstantinos; Wodehouse, Andrew // 2022

Conceptual Design in Metalworking Microenterprises: An Empirical Study in Tanzania

Eliab Opiyo (1), Santosh Jagtap (2), Sonal Keshwani (3) // 2022
Product design is a key aspect of human intelligence and creativity, attracting not only experts but also workers and self-employed without any formal design training. Although numerous people in ...

Coordinated Property Driven Development

Adlin, Nillo; Juuti, Tero; Lehtonen, Timo // 2022
Characteristics-Properties Method/Property-Driven Development (CPM/PDD) has been a popular and widely applied theory for supporting the integration of product modelling and design process modelling. ...

Creating a Multidisciplinary Collaboration Service-Learning Experience in Design Education

Sacha Joseph-Mathews (1), Marie Anna Lee (1), Nicole Kreidler (2) // 2022
The design process in most organizations is often collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature. Yet most institutions of higher learning do not offer students the opportunity to work in ...

Design Automation Systems for the Product Development Process: Reflections from Five Industrial Case Studies

Olle Vidner, Camilla Wehlin, Anton Wiberg // 2022
This paper presents five industrial cases where design automation (DA) systems supported by design optimization has been developed, and aims to summarize the lesson learned and identify needs for ...

Design by Prototyping: Increasing Agility in Mechatronic Product Design through Prototyping Sprints

Camilla Arndt Hansen, Ryan Arlitt, Tobias Eifler, Michael Deininger // 2022
This paper adapts the agile scrum sprint, typically used in software development, to a prototyping sprint for mechatronic product design. The Design by Prototyping framework describes how the ...

Design Methods Review for Smart Product: Objectomy, a New Approach

Chris Edward Bangle (1), Marco Rosso (1), Francesca Montagna (2), Marco Cantamessa (2) // 2022
Digital artefacts call for new design challenges: they enable services, technology-driven and multidisciplinary never ended processes, uncouple form-function, in a social relationship that must be ...

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  • +design ~community
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