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Digital Sketch Modelling: Proposing a hybrid visualisation tool combining affordances of sketching and CAD

Ranscombe, Charlie (1); Zhang, Wenwen (1); Rodda, Jacob (1); Mathias, David (2) // 2019
Visualisation of ideas and emergent designs is an essential ingredient in design practice. Sketching and CAD represent two widely used visualisation tools, each with complementary affordances that ...

Distinction of Domain-Specific and Cross-Domain Linkage Types for Engineering Change Management

Wilms, Robert (1,2); Inkermann, David (1); Cemmasson, Vadym Finn (1); Reik, Michael (2); Vietor, Thomas (1) // 2019
Engineering Changes (ECs) are substantial elements of the design process of technical products and are in particular relevant for companies due to enormous additional costs and time delays they can ...

Doll based design tool in corporate contexts: A qualitative comparison with storyboard in a new product development project

Kagohashi, Kaho (1); Taoka, Yuki (1); Ohno, Takehiko (2); Hamaguchi, Nana (2); Chen, Xinlei (2); Amano, Kenta (2); Saito, Shigeki (3) // 2019
Various tools for participatory design approach have been developed to support users to engage design process. Doll scenario is proposed as a generative tool for letting participants make and enact ...


Torrezzan, Cristina (1); van der Linden, Julio (1); Bohemia, Erik (2); Kaygan, Pınar (3); Bernardes, Mauricio (1) // 2019
Professionals as product designers, architects and engineers have an intrinsic relationship with drawing, using it to think, imagine and represent everything from a creative outline of a proposal to ...

Durchgängige Feature-ID von der 3D-CAD Konstruktion bis zur Qualitätssicherung

Christopher Saal // 2019
Shorter product cycle times. higher quality and the desire for an ever-increasing variety of variants adorn the flagships of today's manufacturing industry - while reducing product development costs. ...

Early stage model based system design under uncertainties

Oizumi, Kazuya; Ito, Akio; Aoyama, Kazuhiro // 2019
System design at the early stage of design plays an important role in design process. Model based systems engineering is seen as a prominent approach for this challenge. System design can be explored ...

Eco-Innovation by Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD) Method

Chen, Jahau Lewis; Hung, Chuan-Jr // 2019
This paper presents an eco-innovation method by revised the ?Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD)? method which is the failure analysis tools in TRIZ theory. Using the functional analysis to list ...

Ecological Advanced Innovation Design Approach For Efficient Integrated Upstream And Downstream Processes

Livotov, Pavel (1); Mas'udah, Mas'udah (1); Chandra Sekaran, Arun Prasad (1); Law, Richard (2); Reay, David (3) // 2019
Process engineering industries are now facing growing economic pressure and societies' demands to improve their production technologies and equipment, making them more efficient and environmentally ...


Mahtani, Raunak; Umstead, Kelly; Gill, Carolina // 2019
Prototypes are integral tools designers, engineers and other creatives utilize for developing solutions. In the broadest sense, the term ‘prototype’ may mean different things, and may be the means to ...

Empowering decision makers to avoid the oversizing of building service systems

Jones, Darren Anthony; Eckert, Claudia Margot // 2019
Oversizing of building service systems has a direct impact on building efficiency and operational costs. The research of this paper highlights several major contributors to the issue of oversizing. A ...

Engineers' and biologists' roles during biomimetic design processes, towards a methodological symbiosis

Graeff, Eliot; Maranzana, Nicolas; Aoussat, Am // 2019
The strength of biomimetics comes from its ability to draw from life mechanisms and strategies to design innovative solutions. In spite of recent methodological progresses, more specifically on tools ...

Experimentation throughout the product development process - lessons from food and beverage ventures

Ville Kukko-Liedes, Maria Mikkonen and Tua Björklund // 2019
Established companies turn to new ventures for bolstering exploration activities, but we know relatively little of the product development processes of startups and new ventures and how different ...


Martins, Jo // 2019
Our Master's Degree in Integrated Design is a teaching project designed to protect, predominantly, a series of professional specializations. It is a precursor to the mission of the educational ...

Exploratory study of the integration of frugal innovation in the design of products for the BoP

Luis Miguel López Santiago (a1), Serge Rohmer (a1), René Díaz Pichardo (a1) (a2) and Tatiana Reyes (a1) // 2019
The bottom of the pyramid (BoP) consists of 1.4 billion people living less than 1.25 USD per day. Fulfilling unmet needs of BoP people involves the design of products as a main activity. Designing ...

Exploring Healthcare Systems Design Research And Practice: Outcomes Of An International Meeting

Komashie, Alexander (1); Lame, Guillaume (1); Patou, Francois (2); Ciccone, Nicholas (2); Maier, Anja (2); Clarkson, P. John (1) // 2019
Current healthcare delivery challenges are multi-faceted, requiring multiple perspectives to be addressed using a systems approach. However, a significant amount of healthcare systems design research ...

Exploring the influence of the level of technology and expected functions in product semantic

Kim, SoJeong (1); Yoon, JungKyoon (2); Kim, Chajoong (1) // 2019
This study attempted to explore how pragmatic and hedonic values are influenced by the level of technology and what particular functions have to be considered in the context of smart ...

Extracting and analysing design process data from log files of ICT supported co-creative sessions

Becattini, Niccolo' (1); Cascini, Gaetano (1); O'Hare, Jamie Alexander (2); Morosi, Federico (1); Boujut, Jean-Francois (3) // 2019
The observation of designers' behaviour in collaborative design activities and the analysis of protocols improved the understanding of how novel ideas emerge, what occurs among designers and, ...

Factors preventing the use of a lightweight design workflow that is inspired by the human locomotive system

Uttich, Eike; Bartz, Marcel; Bender, Beate // 2019
A workflow for the design process of technological products was derived from a model that describes the interplay of lightweight design principles in the human locomotive system. This workflow is not ...


Germany, Jason O'Neill; Lund, Justin // 2019
Designers have long embraced uncertainty as a profession. Iterative approaches to problem solving and a desire to develop these alternatives into a final concepts are the underlying structure of the ...

Fostering creativity in design - An empirical study on improvement of requirement-satisfaction with introduction of InDeaTe tool

Acharya, Shakuntala (1); Bhatt, Apoorv Naresh (1); Chakrabarti, Amaresh (1); Nagai, Yukari (2) // 2019
In today?s highly competitive market, product success is determined by two critical factors - innovation and sustainability. While innovation looks to rampantly satisfy the consumers' ever growing ...

From Hand-Drawn Sketching to Laser Cutting - A Proof of Concept Prototype and Pilot Study

Kohtala, Sampsa; Steinert, Martin // 2019
Sketching ideas and building physical prototypes are common in early stage product development. They are used for learning, testing ideas, proving concepts and sharing knowledge. Laser cutting is a ...

Functional Trade-offs in the Mechanical Design of Integrated Products - Impact on Robustness and Optimisability

Sigurdarson, N // 2019
It is generally accepted in industry and academia that trade-offs between functional design objectives are an inevitable factor in the development of mechanical systems. These trade-offs can have a ...

Future Learning and Design Creativity Competency

Nagai, Yukari (1); Shimogoori, Akio (2); Ariga, Minatsu (1); Georgiev, Georgi V. (3) // 2019
In this study, we discuss a structure for developing the skills and competencies required by the learning framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for future ...

Giving Meaning To Products Via A Conceptual Design Approach

Naz Yaldız and Mark Bailey // 2019
Although the conceptual design is a fundamental process through which design decisions are made, its focus is on finding the right solution. Is finding the right solution enough for a good design? ...

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