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Purpose-Oriented Modelling of the Learning Process when Using Prototypes

Schork, Stefan; Kirchner, Eckhard // 2019
Prototypes are often used as a tool in the product development process and their usage is advised in many guidelines, frameworks and product development methods. Those prototypes achieve different ...

Rechnergestützte Entwicklungsumgebung zur Konstruktion von Tailored-Forming-Bauteilen

Tim Brockmöller, Renan Siqueira, Iryna Mozgova, Roland Lachmayer // 2019
This article describes an approach for designing knowledge based Computer Aided Design [CAD] models to represent the complete solution space of the Tailored Forming process chain by depicting the ...

Reflection-in-Action when designing organizational processes: prototyping workshops for collective reflection-in-action

Wegener, Frithjof Eberhard; Guerreiro Gon // 2019
In this paper on designing organizational processes, we combine insight on reflection-in-action with the role of reflection and experimenting from the organizational routine dynamics literature. ...

Reframing the design process: Integrating goals, methods and manifestation into the co-evolution model

Storm, Rosa; van Maanen, Jeffrey; Gon // 2019
In their early years of education, design students may experience difficulties in reframing design problems. Since reframing is linked to creativity, this may be problematic. While there are some ...


O'Sullivan, Michael; Sheahan, Con // 2019
Researchers have spent decades developing tools and techniques to aid teams in the new product development (NPD) process. Despite this, studies have shown that there is a huge gap between their ...

Revealing Insights of Users? Perceptions: An Approach to Evaluate Wearable Products Based on Emotions

Liao, Ting; Tanner, Kesler; MacDonald, Erin // 2019
The wearable products market is growing rapidly. Engaging users on an emotional level may be the key to long-term use and attracting new customers. While researchers have proposed various design ...

Rhetorical design game for expectation alignment

Koskela, Mikael; Pikas, Ergo // 2019
While the form of building construction delivery known as Integrated Design-Build (or Integrated Project Delivery) is necessary for handling the complexity of modern projects, it raises up a host of ...

Robustness Evaluation of Product Concepts based on Function Structures

Goetz, Stefan; Hartung, Jonas; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
Due to the varying environment conditions as well as the manufacturing induced deviations, the properties of products vary. In order to still meet the increasingly tightening of functional ...

Semantic analysis approach to studying design problem solving

Georgiev, Georgi V. (1); Georgiev, Danko D. (2) // 2019
To objectively and quantitatively study transcribed protocols of design problem solving conversations, we propose a semantic analysis approach based on dynamic semantic networks of nouns constructed ...

Shedding light on game engines and virtual reality for design ideation

Ekstr // 2019
While pen-and-paper sketches is generally considered the best tool for design ideation, there are certain areas of design where the ideas being generated do not easily lend themselves to sketching. ...


Ferrarello, Laura Filippa // 2019
This paper would like to describe how the practice of ethics and morality in design and engineering education can foster an industry ethically capable of tackling social issues. By describing how ...

Sprinting out of stuckness: Overcoming moments of stuckness to support the creativity flow in agile team settings

Shah, Ashni; Huidobro Pereda, Alfonso; Gon // 2019
Multidisciplinary agile teams working in fast paced, delivery-oriented sprint cycles of two weeks can experience moments of stuckness. Typically, these moments can be characterised by the inability ...

Students' comprehension of design collaborations with external organizations

Gottlieb, Laura; Eriksson, Yvonne // 2019
This pilot study examines how design students comprehend collaborations with external organizations? the roles and involvement of different actors in a design process. The study looks at two ...


Nutzmann, Marc (1); Sauer, Thorsten (1); VOß, Markus (2); Bozkurt, Hulusi (2) // 2019
Mechanical Engineering students acquire knowledge and skills in engineering design through several courses reaching from learning how to setup technical design drawings, CAD-courses, several courses ...

The ?Responsibility? Factor In Imagining The Future Of Education In China

De Vos, Ellen (1,3); Xin, Xin (2); De Marez, Lieven (3,4); Emmanouil, Marina (1) // 2019
Design and creativity have been a considerable force for improving life conditions. A lot of effort has been invested in explaining the design process and creativity mainly through the design ...

The Concept of Purposeful Prototyping: Towards a New Kind of Taxonomic Classification

Petrakis, Konstantinos; Hird, Abigail; Wodehouse, Andrew // 2019
A prototype can be generally defined as a preliminary version of a final product and it can represent both aesthetic and functional features. Prototyping, the process of building a prototype, ...

The design process at Le Corbusier, case of the Ronchamp chapel

Outmoune, Nadjat (1,2,3); Arrouf, Abdelmalek (1,2) // 2019
This work falls within the empirical studies of design activity. Its project is to understand Le Corbusier?s designing way and how does he work and structure his design processes. Doing so, it jumps ...

The first steps towards innovation: A reference process for developing product profiles

Wilmsen, Miriam; D // 2019
Successful companies spend many of their resources in the initiation and realisation of innovation projects, which might be successful at the market. Especially in the early phase of these projects, ...

The impact of viewing images of precedents on the cognitive process of architectural idea generation

Djari, Chahinez (1,2); Arrouf, Abdelmalek (1,2) // 2019
Among the increasing number of researches about design thinking, several studies, empirically investigate the report between design process and different sources of inspiration. Visualization of ...

The Influence of Collaborative Information Technology Tool Usage on NPD

Marion, Tucker (1); Fixson, Sebastian (2) // 2019
Information Technology (IT) and the process of new product development (NPD) have become completely intertwined. From computer-aided-design (CAD) to video conferencing to traditional tools like ...

The Process And Operations Of Shape Generation And Manipulation During The Architectural Designing Activity

Bouhelis, Walid; Arrouf, Abdelmalek // 2019
This piece of work is concerned with how shapes are generated, explored and transformed during the architectural designing process. It postulates that the relations and connections between sketches, ...

The Product Developer in the Centre of Product Development: A Systematic Literature Review on describing Factors

Albers, Albert; Heimicke, Jonas; Spadinger, Markus; Degner, Nadine; Duehr, Katharina // 2019
In the uncertain process of product development, the developer is decisively responsible for product success. He operates in a complex environment that directly influences his synthesis and analysis ...


Barr, Gavin James; Maclachlan, Ross // 2019
New digital sketch hardware and environments are increasingly used by design professionals and students to replicate traditional sketch platforms with multiple paperless advantages. The promise of ...

The Role of Sketching Activities and Outcomes in Conceptual Design Phase

Nikoli?, Marija (1); ?kec, Stanko (1,2); Martinec, Tomislav (1); Horvat, Nikola (1) // 2019
Sketching-related activities are considered as an essential form of communication in the early phases of a design process. In the presented study, it is argued that both the sketching and the ...

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