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The Process And Operations Of Shape Generation And Manipulation During The Architectural Designing Activity

Bouhelis, Walid; Arrouf, Abdelmalek // 2019
This piece of work is concerned with how shapes are generated, explored and transformed during the architectural designing process. It postulates that the relations and connections between sketches, ...

The Product Developer in the Centre of Product Development: A Systematic Literature Review on describing Factors

Albers, Albert; Heimicke, Jonas; Spadinger, Markus; Degner, Nadine; Duehr, Katharina // 2019
In the uncertain process of product development, the developer is decisively responsible for product success. He operates in a complex environment that directly influences his synthesis and analysis ...


Barr, Gavin James; Maclachlan, Ross // 2019
New digital sketch hardware and environments are increasingly used by design professionals and students to replicate traditional sketch platforms with multiple paperless advantages. The promise of ...

The Role of Sketching Activities and Outcomes in Conceptual Design Phase

Marija Nikolić, Stanko Škec, Tomislav Martinec, Nikola Horvat // 2019
Sketching-related activities are considered as an essential form of communication in the early phases of a design process. In the presented study, it is argued that both the sketching and the ...

The state of prototyping practice in the industrial setting: Potential, challenges and implications

Diefenbach, Sarah (1); Christoforakos, Lara (1); Maisch, Bettina (2); Kohler, Kirstin (3) // 2019
Prototyping as a central method within innovation- and product development processes has a high acceptance in industry. Various prototyping tools provide impressive visualizations of product ideas in ...

The Structure of Agile Development Under Scaled Planning and Coordination

Bajpai, Siddharth (1); Eppinger, Steven D. (1); Joglekar, Nitin R. (2) // 2019
Agile and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) methodologies are increasingly being deployed, both for software development and also by teams in broader work settings. This is a proof-of-concept study ...

The Structure of DevOps in Product-Service System Development

Srinivasan, Rajaram (1); Eppinger, Steven D. (1); Joglekar, Nitin (2) // 2019
We study a DevOps software development process for a Product-Service System (PSS) using a design structure matrix (DSM) representation. We find unique features such as nested, planned iterations at ...

Towards an uncertainty framework for Product Service Systems of Systems

Fakhfakh, Sarra (1,2); Hein, Andreas Makoto (1); Jankovic, Marija (1); Chazal, Yann (2) // 2019
Product Service Systems (PSS) are increasingly complex and collaborative. For instance, manufacturing companies, service providers, and other companies collaborate and jointly develop and operate a ...

Towards Model-based Process Engineering

Inkermann, David // 2019
The high interaction between process and product models in product development and systems engineering (SE) is common sense. However, most research in the field of model based systems engineering ...

Towards Responsible Design with Internet of Things Data

Bourgeois, Jacky; Kortuem, Gerd // 2019
Recent advances in sensing and networking technologies, namely the Internet of Things (IoT), have become key enablers of data-intensive design processes. However, the recent introduction of the ...

Transferability of Boundary Conditions in Testing and Validation of Lightweight Structures

Emil Heyden; Tobias S. Hartwich; Johann Schwenke; Dieter Krause // 2019
In the product development process testing and validation is necessary to certify the function of the product. but it is time and cost extensive. A high ratio between output and input effort has to ...

Understanding behavioural design: Integrating process and cognitive perspectives

Khadilkar, Pramod Ratnakar; Cash, Philip // 2019
Behavioural design is a crucial research area due to its potential in leveraging the positive outcomes of traditional design. Current need for theory building requires discerning the unique ...

Understanding inclusive design education

Wilson, Nicky; Thomson, Avril; Thomson, Angus; Holliman, Alexander 'Freddie' // 2019
There is a need for responsible engineering design to accommodate the diverse user requirements that come with the global phenomenon of population ageing. Inclusive design can address these diverse ...

Use design performance based on use requirements

Mahdjoub, Morad (1); Bluntzer, Jean-Bernard (1); Bertin, Aymeric (2) // 2019
Industrial companies today must operate in an increasingly competitive world and need to rethink their organization accordingly. First, industrial strategies concerning technical management need to ...

User Stories Method and Assistive Technology Product Development: a New Approach to Requirements Elicitation

Zacharias, Isabela Cristina SimŠes; Campese, Carina; Santos, Thiago Bertolini dos; Cunha, Lorena Pereira da; Costa, Janaina Mascarenhas Hornos // 2019
Requirements elicitation for assistive technology (AT) product development must be collaborative and systemic. This process must ensure that the needs of all different users are identified. For this, ...

Using a design ontology to identify the terms that represent the design results across research communities

Rosa, Maiara; Rozenfeld, Henrique // 2019
This paper is contextualized in a research project that aims to create a new paradigm to support the design process, substituting the sequential nature of design process models by a flexible ...

Using Personas in the Design Process. Towards the Development of Green Product Personality for In-Car User Interfaces

Wehr, Franka; Luccarelli, Martin // 2019
The desire to combine advanced user-friendly interfaces with a product personality communicating environmental friendliness to customers poses new challenges for car interior designers, as little ...

Visualised frames: how sketching influences framing behaviour in design teams

Yang, Yujing; Brik, Natalie; de Jong, Peter; Guerreiro Goncalves, Milene // 2019
Framing is a crucial skill for connecting problem and solution spaces in the creative design process, both for individuals and teams. Frames are implicit in individuals? cognitive thinking, but the ...

When Design Never Ends - A Future Scenario For Product Developement

Pradel, Patrick; Campbell, Robert Ian; Bibb, Richard // 2019
One of the foundations of product design is the division between production and design. This division manifests as designers aspiring to create fixed iconic archetypes and production replicates ...

Who are the stakeholders mentioned in cases of Product-Service System (PSS) Design?

Sânia da Costa Fernandes, Luiza Diegues Martins, Henrique Rozenfeld // 2019
Product-service systems (PSS) are solutions that integrate product and services in order to fulfill the customers? needs by means of greater value in use. Multiple stakeholders should be involved in ...


Apud-Bell, Maria Jose; Dasan, Aran; Childs, Peter // 2018
Students like myself, the first author of this paper, with a science research background that have never been exposed to design methodologies initially struggle to deliver well-defined innovation led ...

A Data Management and Visualization Tool for Integrating Optimization Results in Product Development

Papageorgiou, Athanasios; Ölvander, Johan // 2018
This paper presents a data management and visualization tool that was developed in parallel with a Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) framework in order to enable a more effective use of the ...

A Design Model Roadmap for a Multisensory Experience

Godoy Cortés, Ligia Pamela; Quadros de França, Izaias; Lins Gonçalves, Romulo; Pereira, Luciana // 2018
Designers have traditionally had two main foci: enhancing aesthetics, which is designing products pleasurable to the senses, and the functionality of products. A good design achieves several ...


Minato, Shogo; Idei, Yushun; Mitake, Yuya; Shimomura, Yoshiki // 2018
Product-Service Systems (PSS) has been regarded as an attractive business concept that create high added value by integrated provisions of products and services. Since both products and services are ...

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